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Advanced Flying (London) Ltd has as a principal aim:

The teaching and refreshing of essential flying skills to airline pilots which includes a full ICAO-compliant Upset Prevention and Recovery (UPRT) programme.

Selected techniques transferrable to large FBW aircraft are taught on an immaculately maintained aerobatic aeroplane by a full-time FBW-aircraft instructor from a major national airline.

Advanced Flying (London) Ltd (AFLL) are pioneering Advanced Flying Training for Airline Pilots:

  • With the unique "Essential Flying Skills for Airline Pilots" Course, which:

    • Teaches Angle of Attack Management during manoeuvre,
    • Instructs on Advanced handling about pitch, roll and yaw axes as well as sideslip issues,
    • Explores the stall and autorotation in all attitudes,
    • Delivers Upset Prevention, Avoidance and Recovery techniques according to the new ICAO guidelines,
    • Integrates "best practices" of manufacturers and renowned Flight Safety organisations, and
    • Delivers techniques that are transferrable to large FBW aircraft.

Now taking bookings for Spring 2015.

Advanced Flying (London) Ltd (AFLL) are also pioneering Advanced Flying Training for all pilots:

  • With the unique "Advanced Flying" Course, which:

    • Teaches flight by Angle of Attack,
    • Teaches Visual Flight Path Technique by orientation of the Lift Vector,
    • Explores of the stall and autorotation in all attitudes,
    • Trains Unusual Attitude Recoveries,
    • Teaches precise control for geometrically accurate aerobatic basic and combination manoeuvres, and
    • Trains in orientation, positioning, sequence construction and flying.

Now taking bookings for Spring 2015.

The "Advanced Flying" Course

For GA, Corporate and Airline pilots, the Advanced Flying Course is now condensed into three days for the EASA Aerobatic Rating. AOPA Aerobatics Certificates are also awarded at different levels. It is more than an aerobatics + stall/spin course: a Flight by Angle of Attack method is introduced that has wider safety benefits across the spectrum and enables precise handling for 3-D geometric manoeuvring.

"Essential Flying Skills for Airline Pilots" Course

This Course is compliant with ICAO Upset Prevention and Recovery Training guidelines. It has been designed for individual airline pilots who wish to sharpen their manual handling skills and improve three-dimensional Situational Awareness.A Flight by Angle of Attack technique is introduced and awareness of Lift Vector and Flight Path Angle is developed. There are various 1 day modules for this course.


Understanding your wing to be able to "Fly the Wing" with great effect. Applying this knowledge together with "Alpha" and "Beta" training is a core element of the Manual Flying Skills. A Flight by Angle of Attack technique is introduced that can be applied across the spectrum of flying with huge safety benefits.

Upset Prevention and Recovery Trainng (UPRT) follows from this and consists of integrated academic, practical and Full Flight Simulator (FFS) training for airline pilots.

A modern and innovative teaching method is used that mirrors the new style of learning employed by Airbus for pilot type conversions on the A350 aircraft.

The Aircraft / Location

Factory built (2008) Pitts S-2C with reduced drag, improved roll and climb performance from previous versions of the Pitts S-2 class. See Pitts Special biplane

AFLL are recommencing operations from the greater London region in the spring of 2015. From the base airfield in Buckinghamshire, the training area is over the Chiltern hills and the green fields of Oxfordshire - entailing just a 5 minute transit.

Advanced Flying (London) Ltd is now taking limited bookings for the "Essential Flying Skills for Airline Pilots" course commencing in the spring of 2015. Details are at Training Courses page. Please refer to contact


For questions please contact Darren Audet.

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