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‘Fly Better’

Noel Kruse, founder of the Sydney Aerobatic School, was my aerobatic instructor nearly 30 years ago. This was one of very few aerobatic schools in the world at the time. Noel went beyond the simple teaching of aerobatic figures alone, but he taught the fundamentals of aircraft cntrol - such as flight by Angle of Attack. This has helped me through many situations over the years in both military, civil and aerobatic flying. In this respect, he could be considered to be the grandfather of the modern UPRT. In his books, Noel covers what every pilot should have been taught during training. I recommend these books for every pilot, no matter how experienced. An extremely valuable resource, they are free to download from

Neil Williams

‘Better Aerobatics’
Alan Cassidy

‘Flight Unlimited’
Annette Carson and Eric Müller

‘Conquest of Lines and Symmetry’
Duane Cole

‘Handling the Big Jets’

‘Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators’
HH Hurt

‘Fundamentals of Aerodynamics’

‘Engineering Mathematics’

‘Stick and Rudder’

‘Aresti AerocryptgraphicSystem’
Jose Luis de Aresti


The Flight Safety Foundation

Air Accidents Investigation Branch

The Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses pour la Sécurité de l'Aviation civile

The BEA is the French authority responsible for safety investigations into accidents or incidents in civil aviation.

National Transportation Safety Board, USA

The Met Office

UK Aeronautical Information Service

European Aviation Safety Agency

Civil Aviation Authority

The British Aerobatic Association

The International Air Sports Federation

The International Aerobatic Club

International Commitee for Aviation Training in Extended Envelopes

NASA Dryden Flight Research Centre

Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate

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