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Professor Michael Bagshaw, Professor of Aviation MedicineA recent photograph of Advanced Flying's PittsA recent photograph of Advanced Flying's PittsDarren Audet, Chief Pilot


*Advanced Flying (London) Ltd is to recommence operations from Buckinghamshire in the spring of 2015.

*The "Advanced Flying Course" will will now be conducted in a more condensed form, consisting of three flying days.

*The EASA Aerobatic Rating will be awarded upon completion of the Advanced Flying Course.

*The "Essential Flying Skills for Airline Pilots" is a fully ICAO-compliant UPRT course that will focus on rejuvenating / developing manual flying skills, airmansip and essential aviation knowledge such as the tools for high altitude flight. It will include the Flight by Angle of Attack element of the "Advanced Flying Course". There are various modules available to the client.


AF 447 will have widespread implications for the training of new airline pilots and for the continuation training of existing pilots. With due regard to Airbus, Air France and the French BEA, click here to read our initial reaction to the third report following the discovery of the Flight Data Recorder

There has been a great deal of discussion over recent years about the theories of wing lift. Some pilots are ready to disregard the findings of Bernoulli in favour of Newton's Third Law, others are stalwart supporters of Bernoulli's theories of fluid mechanics. Many have asked me about my thoughts on the matter. Click here to read my thoughts. I say to each camp, neither of you have the full story, so keep your minds open and read on!

The talk on Aviation Medicine for Pilots by Professor Michael Bagshaw (pictured top right) - was a fascinating look into the world of aviation medicine.

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