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The Pitts Special S-2C has the classic biplane character and appeal with exceptional performance.

The Pitts Special is well proven and reliable. It has a conventional feel, (it retains a positive "static margin" with respect to longitudinal stability, contrary to the trend of the recent monoplanes) and is therefore an ideal training platform for aerobatic manoeuvres. The higher power is also ideal for teaching vertical manoeuvres.

The Pitts Special S-2C was introduced as the latest example of aerobatic aircraft technology. It can be flown solo or dual through sequences utilizing every known competitive aerobatic manoeuvre, including all the new gyroscopic and tumbling feats so popular in airshows. Where the aircraft really shines is in the vertical lines that can be drawn, adorned by many different types of rolling manoeuvres. Much of this performances can be accredited to a new composite propeller from Hartzell dubbed "The Claw'. The aircraft has four ailerons and a roll rate much greater than 300 degrees per second.

The Master's Influence

Curtis Pitts continued with his design efforts after selling his share of the company. This was particularly notable with the features of his model 11 “Super Stinker”. These features were transferred to the production model S-2C to further improve the basic handling characteristics, such as innovative wing and ailerons to give a very high roll rate.

Performance Figures for the Pitts Special S-2C

Aerobatic flight load limits   +6 G/-5 G
Rate of climb   2,900 fpm
Maximum level speed   169 KIAS
Cruise speed   150 KTAS
Stall speed   56 KIAS
Engine: Textron Lycoming AEIO – 540 – D4A5 rated at 260 BHP with Hartzell 3-bladed propeller.

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