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Each course is a journey of exploration into the capabilities of an aeroplane and the way it flies


“…unfortunate is the man who has not stopped to watch a tiny silver biplane high among the cumulus clouds, the sole performer on a stage of infinite breadth and indescribable grandeur… The pilot, oblivious to the envious watcher, sits behind a small windscreen, his hands and feet resting lightly on the controls. The air is crisp and clear and he is alone in the sky.”

– “Aerobatics” by Neil Williams, (11 times British aerobatic champion)

Advanced Flying is about pushing one's personal boundaries in the realm of pure flight. It is not intended to be a step by step guide-by-numbers to winning unlimited aerobatics competitions.

If you were drawn into flying by a willingness to become truly free in three dimensions, and have not lost sight of your goal, an Advanced Flying course will help you achieve this by removing the constraints of a basic flying syllabus that have helped you get into the air, but may have also reduced your vision of flying to an activity with little more freedom than that in driving a car.

Advanced Flying is a journey of exploration into the capabilities of an aeroplane and the way it flies. This is done by adapting to a “natural” flying technique designed to tune a pilot into the nature of his wings. With this method, a pilot will quickly gain a solid grounding not only in aerobatics, but in the nature of manoeuvre and control which will have far reaching effects into all corners of his/her flying.

Our Advanced Flying techniques are therefore very different from the conventional “aerobatics by numbers” rote teaching and learning methods used elsewhere. The student will be unwittingly performing aerobatic figures whilst focusing on newly acquired skills of manoeuvre and control. So whilst the emphasis is not initially on pure aerobatics, this does not mean that the most advanced figures in the Aresti Dictionary cannot be accomplished – but rather that when one has developed to this level, the foundations will have been set to accomplish these with flair.

The reward of the advanced pilot is the absolute mastery of the aeroplane.

Why Learn Advanced Flying / Aerobatics?

Apart from having huge amounts of fun in the learning process, Advanced Flying will:

  • Sharpen your manual flying skills,
  • Improve your airmanship; situational awareness and decision making,
  • Make your flying safer,
  • Give you Confidence,
  • Enhance the enjoyment of flying.

Our advanced flying and aerobatics courses will provide that valuable training, which will enhance your enjoyment and mastery of the aeroplane.

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